Evan Tluang Lian nih Hakha Mino (nungak tlangval) Ralrinnak A Pek Cang Hna… Tihnung Tuk Asi

NAWLNAK LE RALRIN PEKNAK- Hakha khuathar hlawhtling thlacamnak tlang bo ah, Khrihfa kan hmelchunhnak vailamtah (Cross) cu zumtu hna nih phun a si. Cun a vel chumah thlacamnak inn tete zong an um hna. A zohkhenh tu hna nih tangka tampi dih in le thaba ngaiin an zohkhenh mi a si. Khika vailamtah a umnak hrawng le hlawhtling thlacamnak area chungah, nuam sulin a ummi ngaknu tlangval (nu le pa) hmuh nan si tawn! Nungak tlangval umnak pangpar duum a si lo, thlacamnak hmun a si ti hi thanh kan in duh hna.

BAWIPA Hmai kawlnak hmun le PATHIAN he i hawikomhnak hmun a si. Cucaah thianghlim tein kan hmanpiak hram u. Hi ca ka thanh hnu, khika thlacamnak tlang le a area chungah, BAWIPA PATHIAN zeiah a rel lo i duh paohin khua a sami cu aho nan va siah, BAWIPA kut nih in ralchanh ko hna seh.KHRIH lamkaltu Tluang Lian (Martar)

Thawngpang dang- English version – Condemnation of the brutal attack and murder of 35 Karenni by the military junta in Myanmar: Today the 25th of December, Christmas Day, is an important day of celebration and peace for the world. However, today the genocidal junta made their choice to say clearly that peace is the furthest thing from their mind. They spent their Christmas terrorizing the Myanmar population by illegally arresting, torturing and burning alive 35 innocent Moso villagers, including women and children.

This horrifying incident happened last night in Hphru-So township of Karenni State (Kayah state), Myanmar. Our thoughts, prayers and depth condolences are so much with all the families, loved ones and Karenni people who are left behind in this darkest hour of indescribable grief and uncontainable pain. The death and sacrifices of these 35 innocent lives are not in vain but will fruit and follower for a better tomorrow for all the people of Myanmar. In the strongest possible terms, we condemn these barbaric, inhuman and brutal acts. These acts clearly constitute the worst crimes against humanity and we expect that all peoples and governments the world over should condemn these acts. With the condemnation, however, should come a commitment that these criminals be brought to justice and held fully accountable for their actions.

The darkest part of this story is that the day before Min Aung Hlaing was publicly cutting the Christmas cake with friends and family. Speaking of peace and goodwill. Exchanging gifts of money in for his indulgences. He laughed and drank as his men, effectively at his orders, direct or not, burned 35 humans alive in Christians majority State.
This is not the first time the military has performed the vilest actions they can imagine. The day before Christmas they stepped up their attacks by launching an aerial strike against Karen state.

Weeks before they set fire to another group of villagers, these are just the atrocities that received international notice. In Karenni State alone the military has forced uncountable numbers to flee as they burned hundreds of civilian houses and places of worship. Their desire is terror, they are unable to match the PDF’s passion so they take to the villages to kill innocents in the hopes that it will get the country to surrender. They are the embodiment of the word terrorist.

The military has continued to perform crimes against humanity, many of which have been reported to watch groups and the International Criminal Court for decades. Since the beginning of the coup, they have stepped up their attacks and the world has watched one horror unfold after another. As soon as possible, we will take this to the highest possible court and ensure that their atrocities do not get normalized or marginalized. After 74 years of their reign of terror, it is time for the international community and regional powers, including ASEAN, to label the Tatmadaw as the terrorist organization that they are. We need the world and the UN to speak loudly and clearly that they reject terror, rape, murder and burning people alive, they must reject the junta.

We want them to immediately impose a no-fly zone, stronger sanctions against the junta and to immediately recognize the legitimacy of the National Unity Government of Myanmar. We need them to do all this to finally put Myanmar on the path of federal democracy. We will become a Federal Union of Myanmar for all the people of Myanmar regardless of race, religion, culture, gender, ethnicities and background.

From the desk of, Dr. Sasa. Union Minister of the Ministry of International Cooperation, Spokesperson of the National Unity Government of Myanmar, Myanmar Special Envoy to the United Nations

Dec.24 ah ralhrang nih Mo So Kye khua minung 35 mei in an khangh hna tiah KNDF nih an chim. Kareni nationalities Defence Force KNDF nih achim ning ahcun, Dec 24 chun hnu ah Phruso township Mo So Kye khaw pawng ah ralhrang nih khuami 35 an thah hna hnu ah motor chungah mei in an khangh hna. Mah an khanghmi hna chungah nu le ngakchia zong an I tel tiah ati. Motor chung ah mei in an khanghmi hna minung 35 hna hi ahodah an si timi theih khawh an si rih hna lo. Zeititiah an ruak hi a ut bak in an ut dih caah kan thei kho rih hna lo an chim.

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