Joshua Van Bawi Thawng Nih Teinak Ahmuh Than

Vawleicung MMA organization ngan bik, UFC he pehtlaihnak a ngeimi Fury Fighting Championship 54 ah Joshua Van Bawi Thawng nih teinak a hmuh than. Joshua nih hin Second round dih lai te ah a thuatpi mi Chase Eastham cu TKO(Technical knockout) in a tei. Tutan hi professional MMA a luh hnu in voi 2 nak ah teinak hmuh than a si. Kan hnu tan zong ah khan teinak ahmu cang i atu tiang aacelh nak ah hin cun asung bal rih lo

Tuzing November 22, 2021 Fury Fighting Championship 54 prelims card ah Joshua Van Bawi Thawng le Chase Eastham hi Flyweight bout ah an i thua. An i thuat hramthok ka in Joshua nih hin a dawi peng. Kickboxer tha Joshua nih hin round 1 nak dih lai ah tlu lak a thongh, Joshua nih a knockout rua a ti nain, round dihlainak ah second tlawngpal lawng a um caah referee nih fight a donghter lo.

Chase aa hrim manh i, round 1 nak a dih ve colh. Round 2nak an thok in Joshua nih a dawi than colh. Joshua nih Chase a thluk hnu ah in a thuat chih nain Chase nih a ke in a rak ceh ve, nain submission game ah lut kho lo in a thlah than.

Round 2 nak a dih hlan ah Chase a baa cang, Joshua nih a nam chih peng caah a celh ti lo, Chase nih Joshua ke tlaih a timh nain, Joshua nih a rak thongh chih ca ah referee nih a za cang tiah puai a donghter. Joshua nih Technical knockout in a tein, ‘Performance of the night’ laksawng zong a co. Joshua hi MMA amature ah voi 4 teinak a hmu i, professional MMA ah voi 2 teinak a hmu cang, voikhat hmanh a sung rih lo.


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