2020 Thimnak Lio I, Texas State I Democrats Thil Tuah Cu Fihnung Taktak Arak Si

Texas Secretary of State’s forensic audit nih vote thlaknak kongah report tha tein alanghter. Audit report hi a lih kho lomi asi tiah an chim pengmi cu asi. Collin, Dallas, Harris, and Tarrant counties chung ah vote hrokhrol in thlakmi tamtuk a um tiah Sam Taylor, assistant secretary of state for communication nih achim. Vote thlakmi chung ah US non-citizen le a thi cia mi hna vote tampi hmuh asi. State huap in lih in tuahmi vote hi 11737 a si.

An thlakmi vote hna sining cu, US minung asi lomi chung in Collin County ah votes  327, Dallas County ah 1385, Harris County ah 3063, Tarran County ah 708 an si. A thi cia mi vote hi Collin County ah 3, Dallas County ah 9, Harris County ah 4 le Tarrant County ah 1 an si hna. Cu cu English in an tial ning tein copy paste kan tuah:

  • Statewide, a total of 11,737 potential non-U.S. citizens were identified as being registered to vote. Of these, 327 records were identified in Collin County, 1,385 in Dallas County, 3,063 in Harris County, and 708 in Tarrant County.
  • Statewide, a total of 67 potential votes cast in the name of deceased people are under investigation. Of those, three were cast in Collin County, nine in Dallas County, four in Harris County, and one in Tarrant County.
  • Since November 2020, 224,585 deceased voters have been removed from the voter rolls in Texas. Collin County removed 4,889 deceased voters, Dallas County removed 14,926 deceased voters, Harris County removed 23,914 deceased voters, and Tarrant County removed 13,955 deceased voters.
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