A thi mi an tlawmtuk tiin an lung a tling kho hrim lo

ISIS nih Kabul airport ah suicide bomblast an tuah ruangah US ralkap 11, rian tuantu pakhat le minung pakhat an thi, an dihlak in 13 an si kha. President Joe Biden nih phuhlamnak kan tuah lai tiin a chim kha. A chim ning bantuk in phuhlamnak cu an va tuah i, natein IS lei minung pakhat (1) lawng an va tha.
‘We killed the target’an ti kha, natein pakhat lawng a thi ti thawngthei a si. Mah kongah US mipi an thinhung chin

Kan mah lei minung 13 kan thi i, US nih Airstrike a tuah i, IS lei minung pakhat lawng maw a thi tiin heh tiah an lungtlinlonak an chim. Mah operation ah ISIS-K planner lawng a thi, Civilians 1 pakhat hman hma a hmu mi an um lo. US mission cu mi tampi nih an nihsawh hna, IS nih bomb an puah mi ah khan,

Afghans mi 170, US Troops 13 an thi kha. Hi zat a thi mi phuhlamnak ding in IS lei minung pakhat lawng hi a zah lo tiin an lungtlin lonak an aupi cuamah ve. U.S. Navy spokesman William Urban nih a chim ning ahcun, ” over-the-horizon counterterrorism operation kan ngei, kan target bak ah kan kah hna, civilians hma a hmuh mi an um lo, mah operations ngei ding in US nih suimilam 48 lawng a ngei.

Mah lawng si lo in, Kabul Airport ah mi tampi lakchuah ding mi an um ri caah US nih fakpi in IS pawl hi a thuat ngam lo si lai ti cu mi tampi zum ning a si. ISIS terror threat cu tih nung chin lengmang ko buin UK nih Kabul Airport in Last Flight ding in tim tuahnak an ngei lo a si.

Gen. Sir Nick Cater nih a chim ning ahcun Kabul Airport an chuahtak hnuah, US troops pawl nih zeibantuk thil tih nung tuk mi IS pawl cungah an tuah lai ti a chim. General Sir Richard Barrons zong nih Britain lei ah ISIS pawl nih tih nung tuk mi an tuah ve lai ti a zum ning a chim. Kabul ah hin Brintons 150 le 1,000 Afghans kal tak an si lai. Cre-RTK

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